Sea-R.O. Watermakers

What spare parts should be on hand?

We have compiled an annual spares and consumable kit that is available for each of our systems which we highly recommend you purchase at the same time as the equipment.  This kit includes spare filters, pump oil, pump rebuild parts,
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Why should I buy a Sea-R.O. system?

Sea-R.O. watermakers offers the best equipment at the best value. Our systems are comprised of high quality components selected from the best manufacturers, each component has been proven in hundreds of hours of testing before it is ever used in
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Can I use the system in a marina?

We do not recommend operating systems where there is the chance of fuel or oil spills or where cleaning chemicals and other contaminants may be present.  In general, if you would not swim in water, do not use it to
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Can I install the system myself?

Yes, we build the individual system components to be easy and straight forward to install.  An installation kit is provided with each system and all motors and controls are pre-wired and well labeled which makes owner installation a snap.
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