RO Water Systems Stages

ro water systems

RO Water Systems Stages

ro water systemsIs important to know about the stages of RO water systems so when we purchase a unit, we know which one to choose from and how they work. As we know, reverse osmosis water systems help produce boundless, clean, tasteless, colorless and quality purified water. At SEA R.O. Watermakers we have already built RO Systems that have been specially designed to meet your demands and installation standards. We are always ready to supply you with our RO water systems as we like making people’s life better.

How it Works and Stages

In a Reverse Osmosis unit, the pressure is applied to force water molecules through a semi-permeable membrane thus leaving behind contaminants. It will remove salt and most inorganic materials as is widely used in homes and where there is a need to treat salty water and other diffused minerals like iron and nitrates; for example, a sailboat.

Stages of Reverse Osmosis Filtration

ro water systemsAn RO system is a unit with a pre-filter sediment that removes unwanted particles, sand, and rust. Another activated carbon pre-filter also removes pesticides, chlorine, disinfectants, herbicides, that might damage the reverse osmosis membrane. These part of the system removes virtually everything such as heavy metals, lead, chromium and dissolved solids sent to a storage tank, through an activated carbon post filter.

Sediment Stage: removal of rough particles, sand, and rust

Carbon Stage: removal of chlorine and chemicals.

Reverse Osmosis Stage: removes and dissolves solids and virtually every larger particle than the water molecules itself. This is where the purification is accomplished.

Remineralization Stage: purified water by RO is dominantly pure and insignificantly acidic.

ro water systemsStorage Tank Stage: where the purified water is kept for access.

Excess Water Nutrients Removal and Reduction Treatment Stages:
There is UV filter designed to get rid of microorganisms, nitrate, PB, and arsenic. Selective filters are used to remove every possible remnant of the contaminants.

Final Carbon stage: This stage is the final processing stage where the carbon filter removes all remnants of odor, taste, press, and so on that could have found their ways to the last stage from the storage tank. Is usually called: the last phase of water sanitation.

Sea R.O. Watermakers – RO Water Systems Stages

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