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sailboat watermaker

Sailboat Watermaker

Are you in need of a sailboat watermaker? Like the Reverse osmosis filter, a watermaker is a device used to produce potable water. This implies that the same method of getting purified water at home is the same as the one at sea. However, the only difference is when it comes to powering them. Watermakers are commonly referred to as “desalinators” in the boating industry.

sailboat watermakerPeople consume water every day. In developed countries, the average water consumption is an average of 55 Gallons of water per day. However, when water supplies are not normal or in emergency situations, water supply is limited.

All watermakers designed for small boats rely on the same technology, exploiting the principle of “reverse osmosis.” A method of high-pressure pump that forces seawater through a membrane allowing water to pass through except for salt.

sailboat watermakerDepending on the design, watermakers can either be hand operated, powered by engine, electricity from the battery bank or an AC generator. On the other hand, long-distance ocean cruisers use different hi-tech versions of watermakers. Although the devices can be expensive to buy and maintain, they have great advantages; for example, large amounts of potable water available for many passengers.

Popular sailboat and watermakers yachts typically make from 2 to 150 liters per hour of operation (0.53 – 41 gallons) depending on the model. Long-distance ocean cruisers are usually using other versions of high-tech watermakers.

sailboat watermakerWhy buy a Sailboat Watermaker?

1. They produce safe water when the quality of shore water is doubted.
2. Give room for manual conversion when the power-driven ones fail.
3. Having potable water anywhere on sea other than relying on shore-based water.

What To Consider When Getting a Sailboat Watermaker

The majority are very power hungry, except the hand-held emergency watermakers and the towed water powered type. The ones that people buy the most are the convertible ones that give support for manual use over a larger electric demand in case of an emergency. SEA-RO Watermakers can suggest you the best option depending on your needs.


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